Mary Hadow

Well.  I’ve fallen in love.  I just LOVE this bling new car.  It’s unmissable. Unusual. Rather in your face.  But steady, safe, reliable, practical, and does the job.  Just like me.I have never had a car so new.  It’s got a little gadget called ‘Parrot’ in it, which I dare say will turn out to be very useful when my children show me what it does; and I have worked out how to plug my phone in so I can listen to my own songs.  Loudly. Bliss.And I can take it back to the garage for servicing at cost, while they provide me with a courtesy car.  They made me feel that they genuinely care about their customers. They’ve got 15,000 followers on Facebook, so that’s just a few people who appear to like them anyway!